Believe Your New Year’s Resolutions Will Come True

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What should bring us joy can also be quite frustrating. When we think about what we want, the waiting can make us anxious. Will I ever meet my soulmate? How many interviews does it take to land a new job? Will I ever find a decent house in my price range and in the neighborhood I desire? Where is the money? No matter how hard I work, the money doesn’t seem to come.

This may sound familiar because everyone at one time or another has had a strong desire and felt impatient because it didn’t seem to be happening fast enough.

What if I told you, the wait is almost over. You are so close to getting what you want. The next interview is the one. Your soulmate is going to walk up to you at any moment. Thousands of dollars will be deposited in your account next week. Would you believe me?

That is the first step in manifesting any dream. You have to believe you are lucky and worthy enough to have what you want ~ even if it doesn’t materialize instantly.

Our perception has been warped by the speed with which we can acquire things and information. We believe that if something doesn’t manifest instantly, it will never happen. But many of life’s milestones: true love, weight loss, building a business, and financial success take time. One of the easiest ways to release the tension you feel while you wait for these glorious moments is to enjoy the anticipation. Practice patience and feel the excitement building as you expect what you long for.

Practice the art of believing by telling yourself:

  • “Of course I am going to meet and fall in love with my soulmate.”
  • “Of course I am going to own my dream home.”
  • “Of course my business is going to be wildly successful and lucrative.”

Even if you don’t believe it initially, by repeating any of these phrases, you are taking away the anxiety that you feel about having what you want. Saying Of course brings an ease and casualness to the situation. Before you know it, you will be believing. It won’t seem like such a big deal anymore to own that home or to fall in love with the right person.

When I want something, I create the statement and then say it out loud when I wake up, while driving to work and daydreaming at lunch ~ just about any time of the day when I have a free moment. Right before bed, I say it again, which always makes me smile because I know that believing is the first step in bringing my goal to me.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a few minutes and really feel the feeling of what I want. I like to relax on the couch or in my bed, put my head back and close my eyes. I like to take a deep breath and visualize my perfect dream. This brings me such joy and contentment. I picture the person coming towards me with an enthusiastic smile. I picture what I am wearing and what I am saying. I know exactly what I look like and who I am talking to. It is so much fun to play this movie in my mind. I am getting what I want.

The most important part is to feel it. As you relax, feel the warmth in your body and feel the smile across your face as you dream this perfect scenario. Try to hold the image in your mind for a few minutes or longer. If I can hold the image for 5 minutes, I’m happy. It’s not the length of time that develops your ability to believe in yourself. It’s feeling the emotions and the joy ~ as if your dream has already become a reality.

When you do any of these practices, you start believing in yourself. Once you believe, you feel better. You smile more. You relax. When you are in this state and an opportunity comes along, it feels exciting. You will be in inspired action, which is the state that makes you say yes to go out with friends and that is the night you meet someone. Inspired action means you wake up with an extra skip in your step, and maybe dress and groom better before an upcoming interview. This will be the time you look in the mirror, smile and realize, “I’ve got this!” This will be the time you walk into an interview with a dazzling smile and shine for your future employers.

No matter what you want, before you go chasing it, nurture your relaxation mode with these practices, which opens your heart and mind to the possibility of your dreams coming true. Never give up. Don’t do this for a few days and then convince yourself that it isn’t working. Every dream is worth the time and effort to manifest. Some dreams may come true immediately, some quickly, and others take months or even years to manifest. I am so glad I never gave up on any of them ~ even in my darkest hour, I closed my eyes and kept on believing. I convinced myself, just like I want to encourage you…you are so close…you are almost there.




Georgette is a self-help author and mindset coach. Her books offer simple ways to enjoy a life of love, joy and abundance. Available at:

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Georgette Van Vliet

Georgette Van Vliet

Georgette is a self-help author and mindset coach. Her books offer simple ways to enjoy a life of love, joy and abundance. Available at:

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